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Parties and Events at Afterwork Social Club

Party nights ::: at After Work Social club we love our parties. These vary from themed parties, house parties, special events parties to a simply dinner party. If you want to become a host and organise a party, please contact Afterwork office and we can discuss the advantages of this.

Dinner Parties ::: Over dinner is an excellent way to meet people. . .it takes the pressure off when there is a group, and with six people or more, you don't feel like you're being paired up. It is also a great way to network and establish some firm friendships. We often use well known restaurants that have a reputation for quality food and service.

We have social events whether they be as big and fun as a party to more simple social events such as Sunday brunches and walks, dance nights, restaurant nights, weekends away, tours, coffee and chats and many more events to fill your social calendars..

We take all the pressure of the organising a social events with friends. We book it and you just call and confirm with your host that you will be attending.

If you wish to host events for After Work Social Club please contact George on 0435 801 602 to discuss.

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