Conditions of Membership


Provides access to the After Work Social Club Program and Events and the opportunity to socialise and meet new people every day of the year. Membership options are Lifetime membership, two year membership, one year membership or six months membership. The management of After Work reserves the right to reject applications for Membership, Applications to re-join the Club, and Applications for renewal of Membership, or terminate memberships at their sole discretion. In particular, After Work Social Club may terminate or refuse Memberships where it becomes aware that any other After Work members are placed at risk (either Verbal, financial or physical) by the offending Member or proposed applicant.


We encourage members to organise and/or host activities a number of times per year. Either on their own or in conjunction with another member or members. We believe this helps members become more actively involved and increases their own personal skills as well as enriching their participation in the club.


After Work Social Club reserves the right to run promotions and offer increased or reduced cost annual subscriptions or renewals etc as they see fit.

Events Listing:

All events published in the events listing and website are for the benefit of members only, unless otherwise specified. Providing access of the events listing program to non-members other than events that specify events for members with guests will result in immediate termination of membership without refund due to confidential information contained within it included telephone numbers of members. After Work administrator reserve the right to distribute copies of the events listing to non-members for promotional purposes.
After Work Social Club reserves the right to amend or refuse any events received from members to ensure they are consistent with the service and standard we provide.

Non-Members attending:

Non-members are welcome only at events which state non-members/guests are welcome and they must be booked in with After Work Social Club office. Attendance of non-members at other times is not permitted. Remember you can have your membership extended by 1-month for each friend you join and your friend gets 10% off the annual fee.

After Work Wednesday Cocktail Event:

This night is open to members and guests and anyone wishing to get a feel for the club. There is a $20 entry for all non-members or guests which includes a free drink and finger food. If the non-member or guest joins the club on the night then the $20 will be refunded.

Code of Conduct:

It is important that courtesy, good behaviour and high moral standards are maintained at all times. Unsociable behaviour is not tolerated. After Work Social Club Management reserves the right to terminate membership at their sole discretion when a member’s conduct is considered unsatisfactory. You also agree to notify members and/or office if you are unable to attend an event once you have booked in. Non-cancellation fee will apply if you fail to do this.


Members, guests of members and any visitors accept total responsibility for their own conduct, safety and property; including all forms of insurance wherever applicable, when attending all After Work Social Club outdoor and indoor functions, events or activities; including all bush/beach/river walks, any land, air and water sports, all trips away and overseas tours, etc, also that you as a member agree to advise non-member guests and visitors of these conditions, especially when they attend a function at your initiation.

Terms of Service:

By Agreeing to these "Conditions of Membership" you acknowledge and have read and agreed to the After Work Social Club "Terms of Service" which can viewed by clicking here.

Member Contact:

As a member of After Work Social Club, you agree to accept communications from After Work Social Club directly related to services and information regarding "After Work Social Club". Some of these communications include:

  • Monthly Events Programme via E-mail
  • Weekly Event and Booking Reminders via E-mail
  • Event promotions for significant upcoming or possible events.
  • Contact via phone or E-mail in regards to upcoming or expired membership renewals. 
  • After Work Social Club News & Information.


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